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Providing care to the elderly of Nepal

Nepal has seen so many changes in the structure and values of its society over the past 15 years. Previously, families always looked after their elderly. There was never a question on this point. But today, with the increasing poverty and lack of viable employment for the young, more and more elderly are put out on the streets or asked to find ways to care for themselves. There are no pensions in Nepal for the elderly that offer them enough to care for themselves. There are no ‘Homes for the Elderly’ that offer affordable care. Shenpen Elderly would like to alleviate some of the burden these elderly experience. Our focus is in the area of eye camps for the elderly, concentrating on cataract prevention and surgery.

We are also working with a home for elderly women in Mata Tirtha (about 15km west of Kathmandu) where we provide a meal a day for 25 abandoned elderly.



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  • Lions Club of Sankhu
  • Professional Support Services, Nepal (PSSN)
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    Mata Tirtha Old Age Home – a loving shelter for elderly women Posted Oct 14, 2019 By Mélanie Letourneau

    Even though the elderly population is rapidly growing in Nepal and the traditional norms and family value systems are changing, there are few old age homes[1] in Nepal. And yet, some community initiatives, such as Mata Tirtha Old Age Home, are highly admirable. Mata Tirtha Old Age Home was established…

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