Shenpen Skills Training


Micro-credit and Skills Training for Poor and Needy Women in Nepal.


Women's Cooperative Society

Most women in Nepal lack the same opportunities available to men for education, employment and economic development. As a result, they frequently struggle to gain any sort of financial independence from their fathers, brothers and husbands and go on to lead overly constrained and restricted lives. Financial difficulties faced by women tend to impact most heavily on families with the welfare, health and education of children being particularly affected.

SHENPEN SKILLS provides funds for training so that women, utilizing micro-finance loans for income generation purposes, can learn both the technical and small enterprise management skills needed to run a successful small business including marketing, bookkeeping, accounting, and business planning. Enterprises to date mostly include vegetable farming.



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The Success Story of Kamala Posted Jan 17, 2018 By Anamika Aryal

Meet Kamala from Bhardeau. She grows cauliflower, chilies, cabbage, pumpkins, tomatoes, and other seasonal and non-seasonal vegetables on a small plot of leased land. Her husband helps her sell their vegetables in the nearby market. Kamala began her small business by first learning about kitchen gardening in order to grow…

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