Annual Anti-Rabies Vaccination Campaign


Over 25 000 stray dogs wander the streets of the Kathmandu valley. Most of these dogs live in a miserable state, suffering from disease, malnourishment and ill treatment.

Our project partner in Bouddha, Street Dog Care, was established in February 2009. On the top of vaccinating 1,000 street dogs every year, SDC has been administrating weekly treatment camps to the street dogs of Boudha. The dogs are treated for skin deceases, infections and injuries. Each dog is de-wormed and vaccinated against rabies and dogs that are in serious need are treated at a veterinary clinic and cared for at the Dog Care Centre until they are fit to go back to the street or to be adopted.

The weekly camps are intentionally held in public areas such as on the Boudhanath stupa so as to encourage community building and increased awareness of animal care and support.

With Shenpen’s donation, Street Dog Care was able to vaccinate 516 street dogs against rabies in March 2012 and another 800 dogs were vaccinated in April 2013. Many foreign and local volunteers helped to gather all dogs from even the tiniest alleys of Boudha. This active participation should ensure that no animal or human dies from rabies in Boudha for the next two years. At that time the vaccination will wear off and a new round will need to be administered.