Good Benefits from Mushroom Farming Posted March 1, 2013 by Director Shenpen



In early February 2013 WCS offered an Advanced Mushroom Farming training to 20 local women farmers in a farming community in southwest Kathmandu valley. These women learned many things about mushroom seeds, from learning where to buy them, how to recognize good seeds from bad seeds, why seeds become rotten, and even where to buy the seeds. In addition, they learned how to make organic composting, how to use it, and finally, how to market their mushrooms.
Ganga Kunwor, age 38, has been farming mushrooms for 3 years. With 13 tunnels of mushrooms (see photo) she is able to make a profit of nearly $1,000 every six months. She took an initial loan from WCS of nearly $600, and has been able to repay this loan, and make a profit for herself. Ganga says, “It is a good opportunity for us to get training form WCS, as the training will always help us learn something new for our farming.”
Hem Kumari, age 60, has been farming mushrooms for 4 years and manages 18 tunnels. She makes a profit of $1,740 every six months. She says, I am excited to take this advanced mushroom training, and am confident that after taking this training my profit will be even more.”

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