Volunteering at Kanti Children’s Hospital Playroom Posted June 17, 2013 by Director Shenpen



Shenpen is initiating the organization of their first project where volunteers can give their time when they are in Nepal and experience a bit of our work and the needs of the people in Nepal. We receive many requests from people all over the world who plan to visit Nepal for one week to a few months and are interested in volunteering for one of our projects. Most of our projects prefer either a long-term commitment from a volunteer or someone who is specialized as a medical or educational professional. But at Kanti Children’s Hospital there is a playroom that has been painted by a local high school volunteer, new floor covering laid by BVS, our project partner at Kanti, and art materials supported by private donations. This photo shows one of our new volunteers, Ingvill, who is from Norway and here for one week to volunteer in the playroom. Ingvill plans to return to this volunteer work after an upcoming trek, and while she is gone we have two more volunteers coming to work at the playroom in between their treks!

Edit (3/31/14): This project is not currently active.

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