Worldly Dogs Posted June 17, 2013 by Director Shenpen



Street Dog Care has started a new tradition that after spending time with foreign volunteers, the dogs that show an interest to live in other countries and see the world can share their interest with our local volunteers! Here are stories on a few dogs who are now living in foreign countries.

Pepita was found in the stupa beaten by police and with her leg and jaw broken. She spent a few months undergoing painful treatment, faithfully accompanied by Grace Spring, a volunteer at SDC. When Grace returned to the USA from Nepal, Pepita was in her somewhere in her luggage. We have received news that Pepita is fully recovered and living in Philadelphia and enjoying the American life.

Jacky has always been the ‘beauty boy’ of Street Dog Care. “This boy loves sleeping on the top of his cage looking at the stars,” his mother Snowy communicated to us. So it was understandable that he decided to go to live in Switzerland to live a sophisticated life between sleds, snow and skis.

Mr. Ein was found with his back legs paralyzed, and was then treated at SDC. This Christmas he received a fabulous present, a wheel chair that makes all his friends in the center crazy. He decided that USA has better streets to run around in, so he will go soon to a fabulous life in California, where he tells his friends here he is planning to learn to surf at the beach.

If you are interested in supporting a dog beginning a new life in a foreign country, write us or go to our donation page.

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