Nira’s Story Posted July 1, 2013 by Director Shenpen



Nira, an about eight weeks old puppy, was found with her mother and sister lying in a ditch in Tinjuli, not far from the Boudhanath stupa. She was found by Sarah, a Westerner, and some Tibetans brought the dog family to Street Dog Care.

The mother was paralyzed. With some treatment, she can walk again, but is limping a bit. She is left with some neurological issue in her legs, and the vet assumes that this was the result from a traffic accident. Nira’s sister, Ruby, was also limping. From the x-ray one could see it wasn’t anything serious, and she recovered quickly. Both puppies were still drinking milk from their mother, so all three got to stay at the center.

Nira had a huge hernia, about as big as her own head, which took quite a while to heal after Dr. Gautam’s emergency surgery. After a lot of treatment – her hernia had to be fixed several times – Nira is now healthy and happy. Strangely, Nira is very tiny and doesn’t grow. Because of this, the center’s staff decided that it would be much safer for Nira to stay at the shelter until some kind people adopt her.

Nira loves to sit on people’s lap. She is so sweet, one just can’t help loving her. Good luck, Nira! We hope you will soon find the loving home you deserve!

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