Winter Wear for Street Children of Boudha Posted December 30, 2013 by Suchan Budha



In Nepal during the winter, nights can get quite chilly, generally dipping to the freezing temperature, December and January is peak season for winter and the winter life in the street is very painful.
Thus to protect the street children from severing cold a small attempt was made by Shenpen on 18th December, 2013 of distributing winter clothes, blankets trousers, jackets, mattress, woolen cap, shoes and socks to 13 children who were completely leading street life, and they do not have warm clothes and blankets. They used to sleep on the street without mattress. We thought our small help can make the life of the children to some extent easier during winter and our small help will bring the smile on those children.
While I was there along with the stuffs to distribute around 3:30 pm, the street children were waiting for me with eyes full of hope of getting warm wear. I was happy to represent Shenpen because at the middle of the winter, we are going to distribute the warm clothes to the street children.
When they saw me coming on with the goods, they came to me with big smile, helped me to unload the stuffs.
The program was conducted by Volunteer Foundation Nepal in collaboration with Shenpen Nepal at WEGAIN Zone and the whole project was funded by C.H.A.N.C.E for Nepal.
Feedback of Children: the Children were of the age 2 of 8 years, 3 of 10 years, and 7 of 12-14 and 1 of 15.
Pasang: ‘People speak badly to us; they blame us for everything, because we were dressed badly, now I think they cannot speak like that to us because we have good dress now.
‘Today I can sleep well.’
‘I have never worn such kind of dress in my whole life.’
‘Thank you Shenpen and Thank you to C.H.A.N.C.E For Nepal!’

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