Two members of Shenpen’s health committee (Carrie and Archana), who are qualified nurses, visited Mata Tirtha Home for Elderly Women in January to review the healthcare being given to the women.
As noted on Shenpen’s website, Nepal has seen many changes in the structure and values of its society over the past 15-25 years. Previously, families always looked after the elderly members of their families. There was never a question on this point. But today, with the increasing poverty and lack of viable employment for the young, more and more elderly people are put out on the streets or asked to find ways to care for themselves. Pensions in Nepal for the elderly are nominal (just over USD 5 per month) and not enough for the elderly to live on. There are very few homes for the elderly that offer affordable care. Hence Shenpen’s Elderly program has started supporting Mata Tirtha Home for Elderly Women to alleviate some of the burden of elderly.
Shenpen has decided that in addition to providing support for the women’s food, that it will support regular medical checkup visits by a nurse and the required medical treatment.
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