Mass Rabies Vaccination Camp Posted April 29, 2014 by Suchan Budha



An annual mass rabies vaccination campaign by was conducted on April 12, 13 and April19, 2014 by Street Dog care. They vaccinated 900 dogs in Boudha, Phashupatinath, Jorpati, Mahankal, Pipalbot and airport road behind the dog shelter from monasteries to a beggars’ camp, and from main roads to tiny lanes area.

“The vaccination campaign was followed by awareness creation and sensitization so that every individual is provided information on the importance of rabies vaccine to the animal welfare as well as public health and that he/she should participate fully to the exercise. This was done through the distribution of pamphlets in different areas and schools of the community. The teams fanned out, walking, often running, and several miles every day—dodging occasional charging bulls—to chase down dogs on flooded narrow lanes where hundreds of people and livestock live side by side.
The dog was given a shot, painted with red to identify its participation, and then released. The entire procedure took less than a minute.

Puja the sweetest girl of the beggar’s camp, holding Andrea’s hand told her quietly that many dogs are dying.

Vaccine coverage was sufficiently high to potentially control rabies transmission among dogs through herd immunity and indicated a successful vaccine campaign.

Many thanks to C.H.A.N.C.E. for Nepal (UK) and other private donors for supporting this camp!

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