Celebrating 100th birthday of Sundar Aama Posted July 28, 2014 by Suchan Budha



Turning 100 years old is indeed a great achievement. Not only can we appreciate and look up to those who seem to follow the correct path to a ripe old age, but it’s always a shining example of how far we have come as a people to extend our lives so much over the years.
Shenpen is so glad to celebrate your 100th birthday! You’re a very special person, and not just because you’ve lived 100 years. Mostly, you’re special because, whether you’ve faced bad or good times, you have always been a loving presence and kind hand for everyone around you.
Wishing you the strength and wisdom you deserve! Congrats on completing a century of your
Life – happy 100th birthday Sundar aama!
Sundar has been living at the Matatirtha for the past 16 years and till now only her sister and brother in law came to visit her a couple of times. Sundar had two dreams, one at-least she wants to stay with her daughter for a day or so and another one is to put the tika on her brother’s forehead on the occasion of BHAI TIKA.
It was hard for her to fulfill her both wishes; her daughter told them that she does not have enough space to accommodate her mother for a single day and her brother is ashamed to acknowledge her as a sister.

But now Sundar has gained much insight, and has good advice for those youngsters. She advises, “Live a good clean life, always respect your parents’.
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