Meet with street boys of Boudha Posted September 22, 2014 by Suchan Budha



On September, 2014 I had a drop in visit to observe the street boys of Boudha having breakfast. I was accompanied by two other volunteers from Rangjung Yeshe Institute Sarah Evers, Matthew Spitter

We had a great time with the boys. The boys are always friendly and they enjoyed taking our pictures and just having good time with us. We had a nice conversation with them and they told me they meet around 40 to 50 foreigners’ everyday and they make about Rs. 400 each day begging around the Stupa. They spend all the money each day buying cigarettes and glue for themselves, Norbu told me when they are high they like to pretend they are in a gang and joke around. They love wrestling with each other and just rest and relaxation.

Most of them like summer season as they can go for swimming in the Bagmati River nearby and also they like to be in the sun as it is hard to stay outside in the cold weather.

Pratap is fond of food and he says he loves cold weather because he loves food and everyone gives him food when it’s cold.

When I asked them about their plans for the future no one was concerned about it, they just want to relax and enjoy the present. They definitely do not want to study.

Dashain is one of the biggest festivals in Nepal and everyone wants to go home at this time, but Pratap told me he is not sure whether he will be going home for the festival or not. He will only go home if he will be able to make enough money, as he needs to give the money to his house. I was shocked.

Sunil says his home is in Sundarijal which is just about 8 km from Boudha. His mother is working in India as a nurse and she plans to be home at Dashian, so he will go home to be with her and his family.

All of them were very happy about the breakfast provided by Shenpen but they told me it would be better if we can provide them rice every day. Everyone says they are fond of chicken rice.

It is customary for people to receive new clothes on Dashain so each year, at this time,Shenpen takes the boys shopping and provides them with new clothes. They are all very excited about it and they are counting days to get new clothes.

I always enjoy seeing the boys and I am glad they feel so comfortable sharing their stories with meDSC_0222

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