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On 17th and 19th of February, 2015, Purobi Philips and her husband Dobb, the President of KIDS (Kids International Dental Services) made several field visits with Shenpen Project Coordinator Anamika Aryal, to conduct a free mobile dental camp with children at government schools.


Purobi and Dobb also investigated various other service providing schools as they are planning another trip this October to further support the children to improve their dental hygiene.  They will be accompanying with their team during that time. There team consists with small but high skilled professional of 9 to 10 experienced Dentists (everyone is licensed in the USA) and 5 to 6 non dental volunteers. All of these members have worked with KIDS multiple times before there dental support program in different part of the world.

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The school they will focus during their visit on October will be one where Shenpen has been sponsoring school uniforms and school supplies for past couple of years. Each child is evaluated, given basic oral hygiene education by means of brushing big modeled teeth and toys, charts and pictures, fluoride varnished, and treated if necessary. Treatment includes infected teeth extraction, sealants, and ART restoration (fillings). Every child is given a toothbrush.  They hope to get the details on the dental condition of the students to ensure they have the supplies with them when they return.


On this trip they conducted general dental check ups for around 90 students and found that most of children had perfect teeth, except a few, who had a minor problems that required further treatment.The children were so visibly happy to find out about the good condition of their teeth, Purobi and Dobb shared that, the children of Nepal are taking good care of their teeth so they really do not need very much help.

Next Purobi and Dobb went to Papa’s home and did general dental checkup for 24 children.  This time three children needed further treatment, but it was evident that the rest of the children were taking good care of their teeth.









Purobi and Dobbb also teach them about how to take care of their teeth for long-term benefits:

  • Brushing and flossing is important to maintain both tooth and gum health.
  • Children should be supervised until they demonstrate the ability to brush well on their own.
  • Left untreated, tooth decay in a young patient may eventually lead to the loss of a primary tooth.
  • Keeping children’s primary teeth healthy is important for many reasons.
  • Preventive care visits are of great importance for the children’s physical health and well being, especially since they are growing and establishing routines to last a life-time.

Taking care of dental hygiene and teaching proper techniques to children sets them up for a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums.  Shenpen is proud to facilitate the field visits and upcoming dental visits of both Purobi and Dobb Philips.  For more information on their work, please visit


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