Earthquake Relief – Nuwakot district, July 2015 Posted August 9, 2015 by Kevin Cason



Here is a brief note from one of our wonderful Shenpen volunteers who recently worked together with the tireless monks of Ka-Nying Shedrup Ling monastery in Chaturalli village in Nuwakot.  This trip was made by 11 monks, 1 intrepid volunteer, and several brave drivers. Their work was supplying 50 families with much-needed temporary housing – tarps, steel poles, and many tin sheets.


“At the end of July, I went to Nuwakot District with the monks from Shenpen to construct temporary shelters and to hand out tin roofing sheets and steel poles. Despite the strain of carrying heavy loads under a cloudless sun and many difficulties with managing the road, I could see that mutual respect was foremost in all interactions between the monks and the villagers.

The monks were strong and hardworking but also relaxed, and I felt welcome in the group.”


-Struan Hogg.



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