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Last week , we were lucky enough to have a general medical checkup program at Mata Tirtha Old Age home. The Shenpen Medical team was led by Carrie Sengleman, a qualified nurse practitioner and committee chair of the Shenpen health program, Marsha Dupar – a qualified nurse.


In many cases, family members are unable to help as they struggle to feed themselves and their children. This leaves the elderly without any form of support and often living in heartbreaking conditions.


Shenpen has been not only sponsoring food for households, but also helping mothers to improve their health by providing medical check-up once a year. After the medical check-up, our practitioner has prescribed medicine for a variety of ailments such as emphysema a, schizophrenia, low blood iron and high blood pressure.


Matatirtha old age home is a home for elderly mothers who have no one family members look out for them. Currently, there are 23 elderly mothers living at the home and due to their age, they frequently need medical care and follow up. Our medical team has suggested that the mothers will benefit from a weekly visit by a nurse. They also need a dentist and an optician to screen for problems that are mostly preventable.


 The Coordinator of the old age home Mr. Ram has told us that they have been looking for a local nurse but needs help finding a dentist and optician. The opticians arranged by Shenpen are visiting Mata Tirtha old age home next week for eye check up.DSC_5590 The larger hope is that we can help them secure a nurse who can visit on a monthly or weekly basis to ensure these women are receiving the care the need on an ongoing basis.



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