Dum Tsering Tamang is the construction manager for the housing project in Dohla. He grew up tending cattle in the woods. But when he started building his own house, his life changed. He taught himself how to make doors and windows. And every time he went into the nearby city he stopped at construction sites to learn how to improve his carpentry skills.

After the earthquake, his home was destroyed by landslides and it was not possible to rebuild. He and his family moved to Dohla, where he has worked tirelessly rallying the community to build their homes.


His construction education has continued as he learns from the structural engineer on the project. He has combined his natural affinity for building, traditional knowledge, with technical skill onsite. He says that having a home with 12×12 earthquake pillars is something he never imagined. This home is dream come true.


He hopes that after the project is completed, he can go and build homes for other communities in need of earthquake proof homes.

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