Meet the community 4: Lama Achung Posted August 18, 2016 by Director Shenpen



“After the earthquake, a man from Lapa, northern part of Dhading district, came to the monastery. He told us that their community had received money from a Canadian donor to purchase land in Dhola, Dhading, for the people displaced by the massive earthquake and the landslides that followed it. After buying the land, they had some funds left over. Even if the community had no homes and very little food, they wanted to use that money to build a stupa on the new land. When we heard that we felt like we had to help them so we went that visited their new settlements.




It has been a long and difficult process to build the homes. During the fuel crisis, transporting the building materials cost more than the materials. We are slowly making progress. And the villagers works very hard. Sometimes they build from six in the morning until eleven at night.

At the beginning of the project, I recommended to Rinpoche that, as we didn’t have a lot of funds for the project, we should only help with the rods or the cement. He told me that if we start this project, we should do everything. I knew that if he had such commitment to this project then success would be there”.


Lama Achung

Monk/Dhola Project Coordinator