Thankful Student Makes Shenpen Proud Posted September 23, 2016 by Suchan Budha



Shenpen’s sponsored student program was designed in 2005 to target the brightest and most needy students. Over the years, the good results obtained by our sponsored students have been proof enough for us that they are diligent workers and deserving of their sponsorship. We are aware of the importance of continuous improvement in their studies, and because we are driven by love for our sponsored students and hopes for their better future, we monitor them all carefully.


Right now we want to give our huge congratulations to Tenzin Tsering, the first student to be sponsored by Shenpen beginning in 2005, and who has been studying at Manjugoksha Academy here in Boudha from the start of his sponsorship. Tenzin passed his (S.L.C) School Leaving Certificate exams with a score of ‘A’. This is an incredible accomplishment, and we are so proud of you!


Tenzin is now enrolled at Trinity College here in Kathmandu, studying science in the A Levels. He has a dream to eventually study abroad.14199426_1186577231415646_6198354290649521471_n

 We cannot ignore giving a special thanks to C.H.A.N.C.E For Nepal (U.K)  and Barbara Datson for their on-going financial support for Tenzin’s education, and that of many other students.

Following is the letter Tenzin wrote to Shenpen, offering his gratitude for our support.

Dear Shenpen,

It has been quite a long time since the last letter. Tashi Delek to you all! I hope for your good health and well being. Me and my family are fine here.

I am writing this letter in the month of July and the monsoon season is starting. It has started raining every couple of days and the roads in Kathmandu are getting muddy, given the fact that it is in a poor condition. Some roads even look like quick sand.

As you probably know, I gave my S.L.C exams in the early days of April. The exams went quite well, despite the teachers warning us that it will be very hard. I think the S.L.C. exam is over-hyped and it just serves to scare the students. Anyway, the results were released about half a month ago. Unlike the previous years, the G.P.A system has been implemented in their scoring. In this system, the results and the marks obtained are displayed in terms of letter grades (A-F), rather than in percentage. So, in this G.P.A format, I got 3.30 (A) out of 4.0(A+). I got the grade ‘A’ in my S.L.C, which is equivalent to ‘Distinction’ (80% +). I am quite happy with my result.

And so, I have finally completed my school education. A big part of this goes to you, for helping me through sponsorship. Me and my mum aren’t exactly well off, and there are many problems that we face. But the help from your organization, Shenpen, helped reduce a lot of problems. I am really grateful for your help. Thank you!

I am currently studying A-levels at Trinity International College. The teachers and facilities there are quite good. I think that this will help me a lot in the future.

This much for today.


Yours Sincerely,

Tenzin Tsering