Eye Camp-'Sundarijal' Posted November 16, 2016 by Suchan Budha



‘Gokarneshwor Scouts’ in collaboration with ‘Tilganga Eye Hospital, organized an Eye camp at Sundarija, Nayapati-Genius School on Saturday,12th November 2016, which was supported by Rangjung Yeshe Shenpen.


When I reached the location around 7:30 am, there were already many people lining-up for the registration which commenced at 8am. Scout volunteers were already busy with different activities, with Girls Scouts at the Registration desk. People came early because Boy Scouts had been advertising the Eye Camps already two days previously and even some of the boys stayed overnight at  Sundarijal so as to bring the patients to the location in the early morning.


Students from Genius kept announcing the Eye Camp to the people residing in and around Sundarijal, Nayapati and Gokarna.  People from nearby village (Gokarna, NayaPati) also came to the Eye Camp for checkups. The Scouts were in particular,  searching for people above the age of 50 years for checkups. Local volunteers from the school, Nepal Scout and the support of the local people made our mission successful.14962600_869201359883067_8920805793212448218_n

Around 325 people came for a checkup during the duration of the Eye Camp. After examination and diagnosis, it was found that 30 people had Cataracts. They were referred to an eye specialist for cataract surgery. Twenty of those examined complained of having headaches and after diagnosis it was found that they were in need of spectacles. There were also complaints pertaining to poor vision and so those patients were also prescribed spectacles. A few people were given prescriptions for eye drops for the treatment of eye pain. As a precautionary measure, such patients were advised not to watch TV for extended periods of time in darkened rooms.


The camp came to an end with a vote of thanks proposed by one of the student and was followed by the singing of the Nepali National Anthem.

Thanking everyone involved !