Digging for Success Posted November 11, 2016 by Suchan Budha



Women living in developing countries like Nepal have to struggle a lot to prove their competency. It is also true for Srijana Lama (Thapa) age 35 from Thankot.

She was one of the participants in vegetable farming training organized by Women Cooperative Society (W.C.S.) and supported by Shenpen and C.H.A.N.C.E for Nepal (UK). After taking training from WCS, she started farming on her three ropanis (approx half and acre) of land.


This year she cultivated vegetables such as beans and due to the favorable weather, she was able to sell up to 200kg of beans every day for almost three months. Her investment for the farming was around one lakhs (Nrs 100,000) including all the labor cost, seeds and other fertilizer and compost this year, and she was able to make four lakhs. She sells her bean at Rs 45 per kg, she says the middle man makes lots of money from her. He gives us only Rs 45 and sells it in Rs 75 to 80 per kg.W2

She has received tremendous support from her family as she lives in extended family, along with her in-laws and daughter. While talking with her, I can see the happiness and the smile on her face as she explained:  “At this moment, I feel that if I was not able to attend that training, then our lifestyle would not have changed.”


Her husband works in Malaysia and comes to Nepal only in a vacation, he was there when we visited her farm and says if we can make more money in the farm, he will not go abroad to make money. Srijana’s house has been destroyed by the Mega Earthquake of 2015 and she lives with her daughter in the temporary shelter near the farm made of corrugated iron sheets.

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