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On December 13th 2016, Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche made a special journey to the village of Dhola, in Dhading District to view, first-hand, the progress made on the building of 55 new homes for victims of Nepal’s destructive earthquakes of 2015. Rinpoche toured the new construction site, examining every aspect and meeting with those overseeing the project.

Rinpoche was astonished to see the progress made over the course of just 12 months. This rapid development is based on Rangjung Yeshe Shenpen’s ongoing support combined with a wholehearted communal effort. Before heading back to Kathmandu, Rinpoche blessed the gathering of villagers, encouraging everyone to continue this extraordinary labor of love. In celebration, he led his monks and the community in a short but uplifting puja.

CNR in Dhola (2016.12.13)

The families of Dhola have pinned their hopes on occupying these sturdy new homes by February. Since recurring aftershocks and landslides swept most of their personal possessions and cherished keepsakes into oblivion, the villagers have subsisted on a patchwork of fragile tents cobbled together from tarp, scraps of wood, and plastic sheeting. Families have now spent more than 600 days in their makeshift dwellings, besieged by sweltering heat, drenching monsoon rains, and icy winter winds. In addition to the challenge of everyday physical hardship, many suffer in particular the children.

As temperatures begin to plunge in the highlands, each family’s main concern is for the well-being and survival of those most vulnerable to suffering and illness—the very young and the elderly.

Please rejoice, from the depths of your heart, in our endeavor on behalf of these undaunted Tamang villagers. As always, we wholly welcome both your interest and your kind support.

  CNR in Dhola (2016.12.13) 3
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