Patients in the burn ward often stay for long periods of time for treatment. Many of these children spend many weeks, and in some cases, a few months recovering from burns. Some children are of school age and we would like to support their recovery by giving them some playtime. In the ward, there is a play room which is one of the things Shenpen is in charge of. Toys and child-appropriate gift items are needed for our patients throughout the year.

If you are considering a donation of toys for Kanti Children’s Hospital-Burns Unit, we offer these reminders:

Our patients range in age from birth through 14 years. All toys and gifts can be newly purchase as well as used, but the latter have to be clean ones due to infection/safety concerns. Donated items may be used as gifts to individual patients or utilized in the playroom or during therapy sessions.

To Drop Off Toys please contact :

Anamika Aryal

Email: programs@shenpennepal.org