New TV at The Burns Unit Posted March 17, 2017 by Suchan Budha



We have organized to place a 32 inch flat screen TV and a DVD player for the play room on the Burns Unit at the Kanti Children’s Hospital with funds and love from CHANCE for Nepal (UK).

The playroom is a place where mothers, their relations and the children themselves can interact, share, and play from the different wards on the burns unit.

This new facility brings much joy for the children on the unit. It can be a source of expertise, a way to learn, especially when missing so much school as the older children on the ward will be missing.  We will add further DVDs as time goes by and build up a library with educational ones too.

To the delight of the children, we also delivered sweets and chocolates for all the children to celebrate the Holi Festival. So many happy faces, wonderful.

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