Gifts from Boston Posted April 3, 2017 by Suchan Budha



On March 28, 2017, Shenpen has distributed 20 Goody Bags to the children containing soft toys, color book, crayons and chocolates which came all the way from Boston, USA from Kristy Walter in the Burns Unit. Thank you Kristy for your continued support to Rangjung Yeshe Shenpen and many thanks goes to Niru Aryal and Sunil Dahal for bringing them all the way from Boston to Kathmandu. Without you both it would not have been possible!

We are happy to be able to help bring a smile to their faces through such generous efforts!  What a great way to show love!

Kristy says: ‘I had the opportunity to visit the Kanti Children’s Hospital during a trip to Nepal in 2016 and I was inspired by the work of the Shenpen organization, helping the children.  I was fortunate to again have the opportunity to donate some toys and chocolate to the children. I hope that they bring some joy to their day and that their recovery is speedy.  Shenpen is doing an amazing job helping the children of Kanti Hospital and I am grateful to be able to offer a least a small bit of support.

Rina was all smiles after receiving gifts’.

We want to express our appreciation for your generosity in support of Gifts to Shenpen Health and Elderly program. Your personal commitment was incredibly helpful Pabitra’s Dad said she was saying a prayer for all the kids in the unit

    Let’s wish baby Krishna a brighter future, after little Krishna suffered horrendous burns.