2017 Annual Rabies Vaccination Posted May 31, 2017 by Suchan Budha



Street Dog Care, a local NGO with whom Shenpen works, completed their vaccination for over 1,000 dogs over two weekends between May 20-21 and May 27-28 2017. The campaign begins at Boudha Stupa and spreads to Jorpati, Mahankal, Tusal, and Pashupatinath.

Each encountered dog is vaccinated, with the exception of those who were pregnant or ill. With 1,000 vaccinated dogs, we believe we are reaching approximately 90 per cent of Boudha’s street dog population. A high vaccination coverage has been stated by the World Health Organization to be the most effective measure for controlling dog rabies.

Many thanks to Chance for Nepal for supporting financially these efforts for over seven years!

We spray paint each vaccinated dog and create photographic documentation.  The photographic documentation is also displayed on our website, offering community members and tourists an easy method of searching out vaccinated dogs in the case of a bite.

How it works?

 Our vaccination efforts also function as community outreach and education.  2,500 educational booklets were distributed to students within Boudha’s schools, as well as adult and children community members. Furthermore, the dogs are vaccinated on the streets, with assistance of community volunteers and in full view of observers.  This offers an opportunity to educate the public about health risks and proper animal welfare treatment.

Our approach has proven successful and our years of experience add greatly to this success.

Portions of this article were adapted from: Street Dog Care Vaccination Program. http://www.streetdogcare.org