The 3rd July, 2017 marks a very special day for us, Rangjung Yeshe Shenpen, as we launch the daily meal program at Mitra Aadharbhut Vidhayala public school in Chabahil-Ganesthan where we deserve 75 needy students. This is the first time they are able to eat a real meal during lunch hour.

Daily school meals are a way of keeping children in school where they can concentrate and learn.

Our lunch menus reflect our commitment to high standards of nutrition offering fresh, appetizing, and delicious foods.   Our hot and cold lunches are carefully planned to include a variety of selections, such as whole grains, chapatis, vegetables, rice pudding, eggs and fresh fruits which students are sure to enjoy each school day.

Children require sufficient nutrition to think, learn and grow intellectually. So school meals are very important  for the poorest children.

By giving $2,40 per week, you can feed a child for each school day and change her/his life and future.

Please, consider becoming a ‘Friend of Shenpen’ by sponsoring a child’s daily meal.

DONATE:  https://www.shenpennepal.org/donate

We wish to thank

 Chance for Nepal (UK)


Pitchouns du Monde (FR)

for their gracious support.


Reference: World Food Programme. (2016). How to build effective and sustainable National School Meals programmes.