Off Seasonal vegetables farming in Bhardeau Posted July 5, 2017 by Suchan Budha



This year, our partner, WCS, has provided off-seasonal vegetable farming training to the members at Bhardeau (26th June to 29th June).  There were 28 women participants. Instructors were Sanjeev Dhungel and Ram Mahato who jointly facilitated the training.

They divided the training into theoretical and practical sessions so that the participants gained detailed knowledge regarding vegetable farming. WCS trained them on seasonal and out of season vegetable farming; methods of seed planting; precautions that should be taken during planting, and the preparation of organic and in-organic (chemical) fertilizers. The participants were also oriented in the skills and applications necessary to develop vegetable farming as profitable business enterprises.

Participants of Bhardeau, which is a Tamang community, were excited to learn about vegetable farming. Most of the trainees lacked any in-depth knowledge of the subject. They appeared keen on learning new approaches, remarking that they had only been engaged in vegetable farming for their families. Now they undertook to apply their newly acquired knowledge and techniques to their future vegetable farming.

The Women’s Cooperative Society has encouraged them to continue their hard work. You can also help these vulnerable women. They appreciated the efforts of WCS in teaching them more advanced methods of cultivation and the growing of vegetable crops.

While in discussion with some of the trainees who were involved in agricultural farming on a large scale, WCS found that many women who market their vegetables, have problems with transportation as it is costly and time consuming.

The main objectives are to learn about each women’s agriculture business and how it is affected by transport; to empower the women to grow vegetables and increase their income; to help them to save their income, as well as being economical with time. Almost all of the women have problems with the transportation of vegetable produce to the markets.