Relief Distribution to Flood Victims at Baruwa Madi Posted September 22, 2017 by Suchan Budha



Before the traumatic experiences of the April 2015 earthquake could be fully processed, we were again subjected to the traumatic experiences of horrendous floods since the second week of August 2017. Due to heavy rainfall the entire villages of Baruwa Madi,  were totally affected by floods, the entire villages have been submerged and sweep away.

For small children, this is an unforgettable and painful calamity which swept away all their dreams along with their homes and meager possessions. The small joys and happiness they had experienced with their family under the thatched hay roof and within the bamboo pole walls of their home, has all be ripped from them by the unrelenting river torrents.

After heavy rainfall, the elderly, children and every rich and poor, high and low caste person alike became victims of the floods in Baruwa  Madi, injuring them both mentally and physically.

Some people have lost their house and property, whilst others are left with homes that are so badly damaged, that they will only remain standing for a short period of time. Those who have no home, now depend almost entirely on their neighbor’s charity and compassion, which frequently entails them living and sleeping in the neighbor’s home.


 Rangjung Yeshe Shenpen in cooperation with Nepal Scouts Chitwan, distributed a quantity of relief supplies to flood victims, consisting of rice, lentils, blankets, sanitary pads, notebooks, biscuits and instant noodles (wai-wai) to a community of 250 people from 45 households.

It was our intention to visit and make direct contact with villagers to distribute a variety of necessary materials. We were able to cross all nine of ten rivers (Rapti, Riu, Ghagar, Mugai, Chitai, Tuna Muna, Parawi, Patere, Rimal and Badarmudhe), but due to the heavy rains, we were unfortunately unable to cross the Bagai river, the final river separating us from our final destination.

So we had no alternative other than to unload our vehicle on the river bank and request the inhabitants of the village to come to us by wading through the water and then portage the supplies back across the river to their village.