Empowering Women Posted November 15, 2017 by Suchan Budha



“I earn nearly Nrs 22,000 from one harvest of tomatoes. This additional income helps me support the education of my son and other four children, save some money, and improve my family’s overall economic status,” says Vishnu Maya Tamang from Bhardeau.

With the majority of Bhardeau’s men working abroad these days, women are left behind to head their individual households. Women in the village take responsibility for all aspects of the housework, and strive to fulfill all their children’s needs. Vishnu’s husband has been abroad for more than five years. Unfortunately, he no longer contacts her and has stopped sending her any money.

But now Vishnu is able to meet her everyday household expenses, as well as feed, clothes, and educate her children. Based on the training program funded by Shenpen/Chance for Nepal (UK), she has learned proper farming methods and how to cultivate more from the soil. Moreover, the program has shown these women’s groups how to avail themselves of government-allocated loans from WCS and has provided them with training in ‘tunnel farming’. Today, Vishnu, and other women in Bhardeau, are able to grow enough vegetables to feed their families and also turn a substantial profit selling the surplus.