Food For Elderly Posted December 12, 2017 by Suchan Budha



Not everyone in life is fortunate to be surrounded by loved ones and family members. Many of our elders in the society have to take refuge in the old-age homes.

Offering Annadaan or donating food freshly prepared with love and care is a great way to please the members of such organizations. But the elderly people who were at their own family, they were mentally in better position. “The family network of relationship supported psychological well-being of elderly whose living space was their family.”

Mata Tirtha Old Age Home is taking care of 25 elderly women between the ages of 65 and 99. This old age home has the capacity to accommodate up to 30 elderly women who do not have anyone to look after them. While visiting this special place you will notice the tremendous job performed by the group of community working as volunteers.

Visitors can see the smiling face of all those elderly mothers residing at this home. Shenpen has been supporting food and medical checkup from the past five year.

By making a donation of $20 you will sponsor a day of meals for all 25 women that live here. Please show you support and donate today.


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