New mother at Mata Tirtha Old Age Home: Posted June 15, 2018 by Suchan Budha



Recently, locals noticed a Nepali woman spending day and night laying listlessly around the grounds of the Machyanarayan Temple. Despite the fact that she appeared weak, impoverished, unwell, and homeless, a few thoughtless people became annoyed and tried to chase her away. More compassionate members of the surrounding community reached out to Ram, the coordinator of Mata Tirtha Old Age Home, who quickly went to the temple grounds. After speaking with the local police authority, and getting their recommendations, he rescued the woman from the property.

Not much is known about the person whom Ram brought back to the Home that day. She appears to be about 50 years of age, however she is mute and, for the time being, unable to tell us how she sank into hard times. The staff at the home have named her Dikshya Lama, and have a growing affection for her.

Dikshya now feels comfortable, secure, and even fearless living at the Old Age Home. With a more nourishing diet, her health has much improved. She’s obviously happy with her new surroundings, and finally feels loved and cared for by others. The staff has allowed her time to adapt herself to a stress-free environment. We all hope to learn more about her background soon.

Shenpen is thrilled to support Mata Tirtha Old Age home by providing a hot meal daily to each and every resident, and to help the elderly and disadvantaged, like Dikshya, start a new more promising way of life.

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