Sanitary Napkins at MAV Posted June 4, 2018 by Suchan Budha



Rangjung Yeshe Shenpen is keenly aware that Nepali girls suffer from the cultural taboos and stigmas associated with menstruation. Often, they will skip school during the time of their periods to avoid embarrassment, or simply because they don’t have ready access to adequate sanitary products. Year after year, these monthly setbacks in their education add up, and prove a persistent disadvantage especially during the academic exam season.

Lately, Shenpen has had the good fortune to receive a generous in-kind donation of packages of disposable sanitary napkins. We distributed these to girls from Grade 5 to Grade 7 at Mitra Aadharbhut Vidhalaya, a government school.

Now, we are enthusiastic and all set to launch the distribution of reusable sanitary pads even more widely here in Kathmandu.

Thank you, dear Hong Kong supporters of Shenpen, for your great kindness in sending these thoughtful and very practical gifts to our girls!