Shenpen School Meal Programs in Nepal Government Schools Posted July 17, 2018 by Director Shenpen



Education is one of the most effective ways to stop the vicious circle of poverty and make the world we live in better for everyone. For these reasons, Shenpen Education has a deep desire that every child in Nepal has the opportunity for a good education. Every day, we commit our energy to this goal, but now we need your help in order to offer a better education to as many children in Nepal as possible.

By its actions, Shenpen Education wishes to help as much as possible and as many as possible children from disadvantaged and poor backgrounds. We believe that offering these children the gift of knowledge is one of the most effective ways to stop the vicious cycle of poverty and suffering. One of the means taken by Shenpen Education is to offer Daily School Meals in government school.

In July 2017, we launched our first School Meal Program (SMP) offering a daily meal to 89 students in Mitra Aadharbhut Vidhayala, Chabhahil, Kathmandu.

In February 2018, we extended our SMP to a second school, Shree Sharada Mavi, Tilganga, Kathmandu and added 130 students to the program. Currently, 130 students from Nursery to Grade 2 are fed daily.

Finally, we added at the end of 2018 a third school, Shree Mahendrodaya Secondary School, Maratika, Khotang, where we feed daily 134 students from Grade 1 to 6.

All together, Shenpen feeds daily more than 350 students and hope to reach a 1,000 soon





Advantages of School Meal Programs

The advantages of School Meal Programs are plenty and quick to manifest.


Shenpen and the School Teams we are working with quickly noticedthat children benefiting from the SMP were less tempted to miss school, were more attentive to their lessons after their meals, and parents more incline to register their children in the participating schools. So, by investing only $0.40 per meal, we provide a complete meal to a child and expect to:

Facilitate access to school;

Increase their enrollment and attendance rates;

Ease student concentration;

Boost graduation rates;

Create local employment.


The Future of Shenpen School Meal Programs

Our objectives are to; 1) secure the existing program and extend them to the entire students’ population of both schools; and 2) to expand the SMP to 1000 students in the coming years. In order to do so, we need your help and we invite you to join us in our effort to educate children and enhance their lives and the world we share.

Please consider feeding a child every day for a year! A $1 donation per day will have an incommensurable impact on a child’s life.


Shenpen Education wants to sincerely thank CHANCE for Nepal (UK), réservation responsableSee Change Foundation Nepal, Réservation responsable, and Siddhartha Kangyur Rinpoche Foundation (France) for partly supporting one of these programs or the other. Without there longterm commitments, our work wouldn’t be as effective.