Cultivating Kindness and Compassion Towards Animals Posted October 3, 2019 by Director Shenpen



Since the inception of the Shenpen Animal Committee, our team has tried to find a way to address the suffering of water buffaloes. Hundreds of water buffalo are transported from the Indian border to Kathmandu every day to supply the market with fresh buffalo meat.

While being transported on bumpy roads for hours (a minimum of 12 hours), the buffaloes, who are pushed into a truck until they are completely wedged in tightly, their noses tied to the roof, which forces them to keep their heads up and remain standing, suffer greatly. Each braking or bump causes them enormous suffering and pain.  Shenpen Animals wants to raise awareness on this topic and to generally reduce the suffering of all sentient beings, especially, as in this case, the water buffaloes. We were more than pleased when we learned that one of our project partners, Sneha’s Care, wanted to raise awareness regarding the immense suffering of water buffaloes by producing a documentary on their living and transportation conditions.



By supporting Sneha’s Care and their water buffaloes campaign, we wish that regulations, such as the Animal Slaughterhouse and Meat Inspection Act (1999), will be implemented and reinforced. We also plan to support positive and alternative solutions in which buffaloes won’t suffer as much as they currently do.

Our objectives are:

  • Raise awareness on the actual transportation and slaughtering conditions of water buffaloes in Nepal;
  • Suggest alternatives inspired by best practices and what already exists in Nepal;
  • Propose humane ways to treat, transport, and kill water buffaloes according to the actual legislation;
  • Support organisations and projects developing criteria for living animal transportation.

If you have comments, suggestions or questions regarding this project, please contact us. Would you like to support this initiative? Your contribution will be most welcome.


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