Empowering Women by Offering Skills Training in Nepal Posted December 25, 2019 by Director Shenpen



On 12th Nov 2019, Barbara Datson the founder president of Chance for Nepal (UK) had an annual visit at the training center where 3rd day skills training for the unprivileged woman was going on. Since 10 years Chance, has been funding for 4 days skills training several times in a year for the unprivileged woman who lives in a remote area of Kathmandu, Shenpen works on the ground with WCS (Women’s Cooperative Society) to provide training for those women.

We would like to thank Barbara sincerely for her unconditional support and care, without her support this project would be unsuccessful. Approximately, 30 women get 4 days skills training and chance for Nepal funds for everything, which includes 2 instructor’s fees, stationery, training materials, seeds, photocopy, hall rent, and also tea and snacks for all the trainers and trainees for 4 days training.

From Shenpen Bimala Ghising and WCS accompanied Barbara Datson to Sankhu where 4 days advance seasonal or off-seasonal farming training was going on. Around thirty women were participating on the training, on how to prepare organic fertilizer and how to apply fertilizer well and Nursery Management of the off-season vegetable. Especially, it was very motivating to see young single women and old women age between 60 to 65 participating actively on this training. It was an encouraging moment for the organizers to hear from the trainees that how these training are helping the women of their village to grow their own organic vegetable and not to depend on the vegetable that is sold on the market. They shared there successful stories on how they are able to sale vegetables that grows on their on land and earn enough money to send their children at the school and save some money. Looking at their happy faces and hearing their successful stories Shenpen and Chance for Nepal are determined to bring more projects in the future for the benefit and happiness of all.

In 2019, more than 110 women have been trained.