COVID-19 Lock down – Nepal Posted June 6, 2020 by shenpen.mike



Since the beginning of the lock down, Shenpen has providing food and hygiene packages to support students who come under its School Meal Program and their families, and to families at risk in Kathmandu, helping to support between 100 and 200 families per week. There are many more families who need support across Kathmandu, and Shenpen plans to expand its scope to provide food hampers to 1,000 families per month. The budget requirement is US$ 27,000.

This project will prevent hunger and starvation, improve hygiene, strengthen community solidarity, and the local economy.

Help feed an entire family for just 27 $!

Each hamper costs $27 and contains:

  • 25 kg Rice
  • 3 kg of Lentils
  • 3 kg of Beaten Rice (eaten without cooking)
  • 1 kg of Salt
  • 1 liter of Cooking Oil
  • 2 bars of Hand Soap
  • A small amount of money to buy vegetables