Making a difference during crisis Posted August 7, 2021 by Suchan Budha



It is generally the poorest that are the most vulnerable to pandemic. The disease doesn’t remain just a health issue. With the virus continuing to rise we are now facing unprecedented heath, economic, social and psychological catastrophe.

In poor countries, the situation is too terrible to fully comprehend. Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world. Lockdown has created problems and hardship for many. With the country under a lockdown, people across the country are without employment, therefore without income and without a proper social safety net. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Shenpen is actively distributing food packages, delivering support to the most vulnerable populations.

The impact on daily wage earners and those who work in informal sectors are hugely concerning. Having entirely everything shut down, these workers are left with nothing. Across the country there are thousands of daily wage workers who run their life through daily wages.  The people we are giving food parcels to are daily wage workers employed in construction and carrying rocks, cement, or sand on their heads all day long. Others are bus drivers, cleaning ladies, garbage collectors, or other informal jobs such as cutting hair or selling vegetables on the street and people working in hospitality sectors. For these people, the national lockdown is a  catastrophe as they have no savings and no more income and they have been hit hardest with job losses.

During these uncertain times we are working earnestly to identify the best ways to help the disadvantaged. While providing hundreds of food packages to daily wage workers’ families we also buy local to keep small local shops alive.

People need help during the pandemic and Shenpen isn’t stopping any time soon. With the continued support from our donors, Shenpen will continue to reach more families/individuals in the upcoming days.