Shenpen works with established and trusted organizations in Nepal to bring benefit to the most poor and disadvantaged of the country in the areas of Health, Education, Street Children, Elderly, Skills Training, and Animal Welfare.

Latest Updates

Awareness Program at School Posted Aug 22, 2018 By Anamika Aryal

 Sneha’s Care organized a School Awareness Program on Rabies (an often fatal disease here in Nepal) and its effective prevention at 15 different schools in Kathmandu in collaboration with Rangjung Yeshe Shenpen and Chance for Nepal (UK). In total, twenty one sessions were conducted in the 15 different schools of Kathmandu…

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The Inhumane Methods of Transporting Water Buffalo: Posted Aug 21, 2018 By Anamika Aryal

Sneha Shrestha and her organization, Sneha’s Care, have created a film that highlights the inhumane methods used in transporting water buffalo from India to Nepal. The film is called, Live Animal Transportation, and it shows the horrific conditions and torture that the animals face while being transported lengthy distances, as…

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Shenpen School Meal Programs in Nepal Goververment Schools Posted Jul 17, 2018 By Mélanie Letourneau

Education is one of the most effective ways to stop the vicious circle of poverty and make the world we live in better for everyone. For these reasons, Shenpen Education has a deep desire that every child in Nepal has the opportunity for a good education. Every day, we commit our energy to this goal,…

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