Shenpen works with established and trusted organizations in Nepal to bring benefit to the most poor and disadvantaged of the country in the areas of Health, Education, Street Children, Elderly, Skills Training, and Animal Welfare.

Latest Updates

Empowering Women Posted Nov 15, 2017 By Anamika Aryal

“I earn nearly Nrs 22,000 from one harvest of tomatoes. This additional income helps me support the education of my son and other four children, save some money, and improve my family’s overall economic status,” says Vishnu Maya Tamang from Bhardeau. With the majority of Bhardeau’s men working abroad these days,…

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Street Dogs Vaccination in Sankhu Posted Oct 26, 2017 By Anamika Aryal

Stray animals, especially dogs, are common in Nepal and form a very large  population, even uncounted in many parts of the nation. Stray dogs can be found both in cities and in the country side. The number of stray dogs has been increasing seriously over the past 20 years due…

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Shenpen needs help! Posted Oct 05, 2017 By Mélanie Letourneau

  Shenpen would like to enlarge its volunteer team and, consequently, created two new positions: 1) Volunteer Writer and Editor; and 2) a English to Nepali Translator.  Please, read the job description above and feel free to contact us if you are interested. You are also welcome to share information…

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