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Promoting good health care to disadvantaged people in Nepal

Vajra Varahi Health Clinic

Nepal has over 30 million people, most of whom have limited access to adequate health care. The average yearly income is about $250. This is not enough for families to obtain good health –care and there are very few opportunities for these Nepalese to get free or affordable medical care. Most doctors in Nepal have been educated in Allopathic medicine. Shenpen Health has been working with a local organization that offers medical treatment to the poor and needy in the village setting, and to burn victims, who mostly live at the poverty level.


Current Projects:

Goody bags at Kanti Hospital

Menstrual Health Program

Recent News:

Dental Check Up – Providing Real Smile Posted Apr 03, 2018 By Suchan Budha

 During the month of February (Children’s Dental Health Month), Rangjung Yeshe Shenpen supported the dental team from KIDS (Kids International Dental Services). The dentists were able to do over 500 checkups for underprivileged local children here in Kathmandu. They gave free consultations, oral hygiene education, and distributed toothbrushes to everyone.…

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