Shenpen Animals


Promoting animal awareness to people of Nepal, and providing needed medical care to stray dogs and cats in Nepal



Understandably, there are increasingly more and more stray dogs and cats in Kathmandu valley. They are either abandoned by families who cannot give proper care to the babies born to their pets, or were offspring to already existing street dogs and cats.
Shenpen Animals believes that when we give proper medical care to animals we are modeling proper approaches to caring for this large segment of society. One of our main projects has been to offer rabies shots to stray dogs in the Bungamati, Boudhanath, and Kopan areas of Kathmandu valley. By providing a combination of rabies vaccinations to dogs with in-school dog awareness campaigns we are protecting the young children of Nepal from being bitten by rabid dogs. We hope this anti-rabies vaccination project work can extend to more and more areas of Kathmandu and to build an even greater awareness on how to care for animals. We try to be an excellent role model in this and in the care we give to street dogs.


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Since the inception of the Shenpen Animal Committee, our team has tried to find a way to address the suffering of water buffaloes. Hundreds of water buffalo are transported from the Indian border to Kathmandu every day to supply the market with fresh buffalo meat. While being transported on bumpy…

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