Shenpen works with established and trusted organizations in Nepal to bring benefit to the most poor and disadvantaged of the country in the areas of Health, Education, Street Children, Elderly, Skills Training, Disaster Relief, COVID-19 Relief and Animal Welfare.

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harford community college news Posted Dec 01, 2020 By Ashley Honsberger

harford community college news © 2011, Boston Women’s Health Book Collective.Colleges value these recommendations as they reveal personality traits about you, underline who is willing to speak on your behalf, and showcase you in the best possible way. Click this picture to download a printable version of the guide.First of…

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COVID-19 Lock down – Nepal Posted Jun 06, 2020 By shenpen.mike

Since the beginning of the lock down, Shenpen has providing food and hygiene packages to support students who come under its School Meal Program and their families, and to families at risk in Kathmandu, helping to support between 100 and 200 families per week. There are many more families who…

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Empowering Women by Offering Skills Training in Nepal Posted Dec 25, 2019 By Mélanie Letourneau

On 12th Nov 2019, Barbara Datson the founder president of Chance for Nepal (UK) had an annual visit at the training center where 3rd day skills training for the unprivileged woman was going on. Since 10 years Chance, has been funding for 4 days skills training several times in a…

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