Emergency Health Care for Sick and Injured Animals

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Emergency Health Care for Sick and Injured Animals aims to save lives of street animals, by providing emergency surgeries, post-surgical treatment, and other treatments as needed for other serious illnesses such as cancer.

Often we find street animals, mostly dogs and cats, who have been hit by a car or who have terrible infections from wounds. These injured animals are then brought to vets or animal care centers, where they receive surgeries and treatment which often requires months of care. The surgeries and the post-surgical treatments are very expensive, as all the cost in Nepal have gone up a lot in recent years.

Nevertheless, thanks to many kind donors, Shenpen is able to save the lives of many animal every year. Without their compassionate help, all of these animals would have died.

Unfortunately, as Kathmandu grows into a tightly populated city there are more accidents, mostly traffic-related, injuring street animals and therefore the need is great. If you are interested in saving the life of an animal in Nepal, please click here.

Funding for this project comes from Tashi Delek (Germany), and from donations made via our website.