Mata Tirtha Old Age Home



In early 2013 we received funding from Tashi Deleg, Germany that we plan to direct to a new project. At the same time, members of Shenpen visited Mata Tirtha (Mother’s Holy Place), a holy place in Kathmandu valley where sons and daughters bathe themselves in memory of their mothers, who have passed away. Here the local people, through individual contributions, have established a home, Mata Tirtha Old Age Home, for elderly women who do not have families to look after them. There are currently 25 elderly women from ages 65 to 99 living in this home, but with more support the home could accommodate up to 30 women. Shenpen is considering raising funds to support this home, which is one of only two in all of the Kathmandu valley that offers free care. If you are interested in supporting this project, please visit our donations page to make a contribution.