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Promoting good health care to disadvantaged people in Nepal

Vajra Varahi Health Clinic

Nepal has over 30 million people, most of whom have limited access to adequate health care. The average yearly income is about $250. This is not enough for families to obtain good health –care and there are very few opportunities for these Nepalese to get free or affordable medical care. Most doctors in Nepal have been educated in Allopathic medicine. Shenpen Health has been working with a local organization that offers medical treatment to the poor and needy in the village setting, and to burn victims, who mostly live at the poverty level. Recently, Shenpen workers with the Burn’s Unit of Bir Hospital in Kathmandu, the Burn’s Unit of Kanti Children’s Hospital in Kathmandu, as well as some small clinics throughout Nepal that offer skin graft surgeries to burn victims, all benefit from our donations. We hope that with additional funding we can accomplish more.


Current Projects:

Goody bags at Kanti Hospital

Recent News:

New TV at The Burns Unit Posted Mar 17, 2017 By Anamika Aryal

We have organized to place a 32 inch- flat screen TV and a DVD player for the play room on the Burns Unit at the Kanti Children’s Hospital with funds and love from CHANCE for NEPAL (UK). The playroom is a place,  where mothers, their relations and the children themselves can interact,…

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