The Elementary Vegetables Farming Training Conducted by WCS Posted December 18, 2013 by Suchan Budha



In the mid of December  The Women’s Cooperative Society (WCS) offer ‘The elementary Vegetables Farming Training’ to 30 local women farmers community in ‘Sangla’ which is situated at the Northern part of the Kathmandu. It is around 12 km from the center of Kathmandu.

These women got an opportunity to learn many things about basic vegetables farming, its importance and necessities in the present context, the knowledge about the diseases and bacteria that affects the vegetables and the ways to control them, how to make good soil, make vegetables seed, and the way of making organic compost and using it.

In Nepal, agriculture plays a vital role in economy hence and they are the major source for sustainable development so, modern way to agriculture is very essential.

All the trainees were very pleased to get this kind of training!

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