Food Campaign at Mata Tirtha Old Age Home Posted May 9, 2014 by Suchan Budha



“She didn’t say it; I only thought she said it. So, really it was my own thought – my words, and not hers.”
Lati is mute and very loving. She cares a lot about her friends. When someone is sick at the Old Age Home, she cries and it is hard to console her. She is very concerned about her belongings. She is scared to leave her important things in her room so she carries things with her all the time, hiding them in her clothes. She is very happy if someone holds her hand and stays with her. It seems like she wanted to say something but she cannot.

Kanchi Thapa worked as a maid for seventeen years. Now, she is old and cannot work so her landlord brought her to Mata Tirtha Old Age Home. She is happy all the time; she loves singing and dancing, and is fond of visitors. She loves posing for the camera. Whenever Anamika snaps her photo, Kanchi says, “Please print it for me!” She is caring to everyone and, through her constant smiles; she makes everyone happy around her. Everyone calls her “Joker Ama”.
It has never been easy for the team at Mata Tirtha Old Age Home to have enough funding to feed these elderly women. The main source of donation has been the community residing in the Patan area – A volunteer collects one hand full of rice from each household each day and brings it to the Old Age Home. In addition to this, sometimes people feed these elderly mothers on the occasion of their birthdays and some festivals which cost just $20 for vegetarian meals and $35 for non-vegetarian meal.

Last year, Shenpen supported daily meals for these nineteen elderly mothers at Mata Tirtha Old Age Home.

Your donation will help make sure Lati and Kanchi can eat nutritious meals each day. No amount is too small to help! Our target is to reach $800 by May 25th. Will you help us reach our goal?

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