Medical Camp for Street boys of Boudha Posted July 28, 2014 by Suchan Budha



On June 15th a general health check up was performed on 7 seven boys from ages 10 to 16 that are living on the streets of Boudhanath. Almost all of these boys have run away from home and have been living on the streets for as long as 6 years. One boy explained that the reason behind his decision to flee was the physical abuse from his alcoholic father.

Although these boys are very clever, their lives on the streets have led them to drug and alcohol abuse. Inhaling glue vapors is a common practice among the homeless in order to combat the pain resulting from hunger and furthermore can be purchased easily at a very cheap price. Other easily accessed substances such as homemade alcohol and hashish are also of common use among the boys, these substances are however mostly used as a psychological escape from their harsh realities.
The doctor’s exam concluded that all the boys suffered from malnourishment and poor hygiene, some had diarrhea and other minor infections. One boy Suman was found to possibly have an underlying heart condition and will need an evaluation from a specialist. Antibiotics and medication for intestinal parasites were given to treat them and arrangements were made for Suman to receive futher tests for his heart. Other than physical issues, the boys suffer from psychological trauma resulting from their past and present lives. The lack of guidance and support at such a young age has greatly affected their self esteem and their value of life.

To properly help these boys in a sustainable matter, they will need to be provided with shelter, education and skill training as well as adequate counselling and long term follow up in order to give them the chance at living a healthy life style off the streets. With these matters we need your help! All donations are greatly helpful not matter what the size, together we can help these boys get the much needed care that would permanently change their lives.
‘We thank our generous donors for making this medical camp possible and for supporting Shenpen in its constant efforts to help the disadvantaged people of Nepal.’

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