Wrapped in Warmth for the Holidays Posted January 2, 2015 by Suchan Budha



This holiday season Shenpen donated 50 warm blankets as well as winter wear through NYANO SANSAR which is distributing these items with coordination from the Nepal Police to people living in slums and the rural Terrai. Every year hundreds of children and elderly who are living in southern part of Nepal, die during the winter season due to severe cold and thousands suffer from preventable respiratory diseases caused by breathing in smoke from makeshift fires as they desperately try to stay warm. Unfortunately, the poor are usually hit hardest in these situations.










Lack of warm clothes, blankets, mattress, safe housing, proper nutrition, effective health care system and zero awareness on precautions from diseases are some of the major causes. The warm clothing, blankets and quilts offered will help to bring a little warmth to their lives and ease the harshness of winter weather.











Many people cannot afford to buy heaters, blankets or winter clothes, proper nutrition and are deprived of basic medical care. Imagine living in a tent or unfinished building, without a heater or a blanket, with outside temperatures around zero degrees. This especially threatens the health of the elderly, disabled and children.











‘Special thanks go to the C.H.A.N.C.E For Nepal (UK) for the generous donation to make this project successful’.

With your kind donation, NYANO SANSAR can help these vulnerable children and poor families with the life-saving relief and support they desperately need. With every blanket that we donate, we protect a life during these harsh winter season.

Thank you

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