1) Over 8,000 people are dead and many more are unaccounted for, including some foreigners who were visiting Nepal at the time of the April 25 earthquake.  Despite the opportunity to evacuate, some foreign visitors and volunteers have opted to stay behind and help distribute supplies to the Sindhupalchwok district,where Shenpen has been running its Earthquake Relief Program. To see images captured by volunteers Dan J. Konfas, Alana Lourenzi and Jose Eugênio Braga click on the link below.


2) Shenpen in coordination with Nepal Scouts distributed relief materials to Patibhanjyang area (~20 kilometers north of Kathmandu)including forty 30 kg sacks of rice, 48 tarps and other much needed food items. These goods have reached around 240 people (45 households) in and around the Patibhanjyang area of Sindhupalchowk District.  This video taken by volunteer Dan Konfas shows the some of the extensive damage in the area.


3) Volunteers Dan J. Konfas, Alana Lourenzi and Jose Eugênio Braga are leaving for Brazil tomorrow but leave behind over 250,000 rupees that they donated for the Earthquake Relief Program.  The group was very willing to donate not only these funds but also assisted in delivering goods and food to hardest hit areas that Shenpen has been diligently working to serve.  Shenpen expresses deep gratitude to Dan, Alana and Jose for their efforts, and wishes them safe travels home!