Caring For the Children of Chilime Posted June 3, 2015 by Suchan Budha



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On May 27th, monks and volunteers from Ka-Nying Shedrub Ling monastery headed up to the village of Chilime in the Rasuwa district to deliver relief supplies to the locals there. Many practical supplies—such as food, tarps, cooking oil, and financial donations—were brought to aid the people. Perhaps most touching of all however, were the gifts brought for the children.New Picture (3)

Lama Öser, who was travelling with the group, expressed his deep concern for the children who seemed to be traumatized by the recent earthquakes, and so all of the monks were moved to bring joy and smiles to the young ones with gifts for each of them. Clothes, balloons, small toys, chocolates and other sweets were brought so that each child would receive a few gifts to bring them some joy during such desperate and difficult times.

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Sure enough, the children were all eager to get their presents; as soon as they saw their gifts they all immediately lined up to receive their due and it was more than worth it to see the bright smiles on their faces as the monks gave them their treats with delight. The monks took great care to make sure that each child received an equal amount, to make sure each child received suitable clothing, and of course also to comfort the children with comforting words and friendly smiles.

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After receiving their gifts, the children were overjoyed: laughing, smiling, jumping around, and showing-off their gifts to each other. The dramatic change in their appearance from weary and serious to ecstatic and energetic was very uplifting and touching. During such times of crisis, it is important to not only cater to the physical needs of the people but to their emotional needs as well. It is moving to see the particular amount of care, consideration, and concern with which the monks and volunteers took with these young children to ensure that some joy was brought into their lives on that day. Hopefully, such gifts will allow them to relax and feel release from their fear and worries, to provide a means of catharsis for these weary and traumatized young hearts.

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